As a leading group of cosmetology schools in the United States, with 89 schools in 21 states, the Empire Education Group continues to invest the company’s time and resources in creating opportunities to improve their lives.

For more than 80 years, Empire has retained this strong heritage and tradition to train future beauty professionals to promote the future of the beauty industry. And all Empire Education Group schools are also supported by Regis Corporation, the parent company of brands such as Super Cuts and SmartStyle, all industry partners of Empire Education Group.

Empire Education Group students receive high quality beauty education under the guidance of our experienced instructors and with the support of our friendly teachers and staff.

Some schools offer full-time and distance education, as well as specialized professions to:


Training of cosmetology teachers.

Artistic makeup

External class
Empire extends beyond the classroom and includes activities to improve student learning and education through fundraising activities, humanitarian programs, outreach services, career opportunities and more.

Empire students also form community connections through Empire Gives Back, Empire’s philanthropic initiative, which sponsors CUT IT OUT, the national industry program to combat domestic violence and local shelters for women and children, and actively attracts to schools and students. and staff of the empire. in their communities. Students have the opportunity to participate in an event dedicated to the National Day of Beauty in the Empire. This day is dedicated to providing cosmetic services to the population at the expense of funds donated to local shelters for victims of domestic violence throughout the country.

The empire is back

Cut it

National Day of Beauty

And as an advocate for environmental protection, Empire is the industry leader of the cosmetology school in the implementation of green building initiatives, which has recently gained considerable prominence due to its recent locations in Florida and North Carolina. Empire green schools use water and energy saving technologies, as well as recycling centers and other green functions.

The Empire Education Group constantly strives to support and transcend the organization’s reputation for excellence in education, providing the most advanced and innovative opportunities and programs to support Empire students throughout the country.